PrO-Education centrifuges from Centurion Scientific

Welcome to our PrO-Education Range. Centrifuges for Schools, Colleges & Universities.

Designed with the busy Student and Lecturer in mind and derived from our long running LID and LED displays.

Spanning over 30 years of manufacturing , we know all about Centrifuges. We have the largest portfolio of types in the World.

Simplicity of use is paramount and we place the emphasis accordingly.

Model Features

  • Ambient
  • Temperature controlled via PID control algorithm’s (-9 to 40C)
  • Supplied with Rotor (others are available too)
  • 10 (LED) or 99 (LCD) Program memories
  • 10 Acceleration & Brake rates


  • Full lid Lock protection
  • Out of balance protection
  • Full steel Barrier Ring for protection
  • Alloy , Steel and Composite construction for Long life and Safety
  • European Highest quality maintenance free motor with Industrial grade Inverter.

Buy from the expert Centrifuge Manufacturer. As part of our enormous Range all our Knowledge gives you the best Product


Our Education Centrifuge Range

Small volume Centrifuge. ( 4x50ml, 8x15ml or 8 x 5ml Swing out )

PrO-EDB – Bench top Centrifuge

Micro volume Centrifuge. ( 24x2ml or Haematocrit)

PrO-EDS – Bench top Centrifuge

Medium volume Centrifuge. ( 6x50ml, 12x15ml or 4x100ml Swing out )

PrO-EDM – Bench top Centrifuge

Large volume Centrifuge. (8x50ml, 24x15ml or 4x250ml Swing out)

PrO-PRPL – Bench top Centrifuge


Welcome to the future of centrifuges.

All Centurion Scientific centrifuges and rotors carry a 1 year warranty. Two and three year warranty packages are available at extra cost.

We also offer a PrO-Care package of spare parts.  This provides all the parts required for a yearly service, further prolonging the life of the centrifuge and rotor.


Centurion Scientific Ltd Centrifuges comply to all relevant EU standards of Quality and medical Devices IEC 61010 and CE conformity test marks Emission, immunity to EN/IEC 61326-1, Class B

Download our PrO-Ed centrifuge brochure to find out more about the wide range of options available when you buy a Centurion centrifuge.

PrO Ed Centrifuge User Manuals

User manuals below, can be downloaded for PrO-Education Centrifuges (a division of Centurion Scientific Ltd)

If you require more information Please call our friendly team on +44 (0) 2393 631225

Or visit our service site www.pro-centrifugeservice.com (coming soon)

The Centurion Pro-Ed centrifuge is just one of the wide range of centrifuges available from Centurion Scientific.

To find out more and see the rest of the range visit our parent site


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